Past events

Mar 7

Book Signing at Indigo Chapters Barrhaven

Bring your kids, niece (s), nephew (s), to my upcoming book signing!

1:00pm - 4:00am CST

125 Riocan Ave

Feb 15

Afro Paint Night

Afro Paint Night opens up a space that embraces creativity, inventing, experimenting, and taking risks while embracing each and everyone’s uniqueness. It allows everyone to be free to express themselves through their flowing emotions. With guided help along the way, we are able to cultivate our creativity. — Your art represents how honest you are with yourself, and honesty can never be traded for relatability. — Creativity takes courage~ Henri Matisse

Feb 14

Kid's Afro Paint Party

Full payment is required upon registration and is non-refundable. At our discretion and with more than 24 hours notice we may allow you to reschedule. Please wear art friendly clothing as art can get messy! Children Afro Paint Party is a drop off activity for children ages 6+. Drop off is 5:00 p.m. and pick up is 8:00 p.m. The kids will do an art based activity, eat pizza and enjoy a drink. Contact information for parents must be given. Afro Paint Night and its staffs shall not be held responsib

Oct 26

Afro Paint Night

First Afro Paint Night!!! Tickets $25/ Person Tickets Includes: Food, Canvas, Paint,Ent Kids friendly, 8+

5:00am - 10:00am CDT

425 Chemin Vanier, Gatineau QC

Oct 25

Somali Gala

I've been asked to be part of a fundraiser, I'll be selling some of my most recent work. Come through and support a great cause!!

5:00am - 10:00am CDT

102 Greenview Ave

Jul 20

Where Mom is From/ I am

I had my first book signing at Indigo Chapters in Barrhaven!!!

Dec 4

Radio Interview

Tuesday December 4th, 2018 with Tonya Price Profiling Fatuma Kou's book, "Where Mom is From"