When I See You I See ART

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When I see You, I See ART.

Art is not what you see, but what you make others see”-Edgar Degas

When I See You, I see ART is a magazine-styled book that tells the creative story of a multifaceted artist, designer, and author Fatuma Kou. This story is beautifully told through art, fashion, and photography.

This book provides a glimpse into the stories of fifteen immigrants and native Canadians who come from various countries to depict the importance of culture and its role in breaking generational barriers. These women from multiplecultures come together to share the importance of embracing one’s own cultural identity.

Our compassion for humanity grows when our minds and hearts are open to embracing others for who they are and our curiosity to learn their ways of life.

The stories and photos in this book will have you glued andexhilarated all the way through and will challenge you to dig deep into your roots where you are from, and how it hasshaped the person you have become or wish to be.

Release Date: 16/02/2021

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A gorgeous collection of photos and stories