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For grades 7-9, Fatuma invites
students to use collage, multiple media and empowering words to stress
compassion, interconnectedness and empathy towards each other

And for the grades 10-12, Another approach takes students
on a more artistically challenging path leading to the creation of a symbolic
portrait and a vision of positive change for Black and
racialized people. 

Fatuma invites students to use
their artistic skill to create a multi-medium portrait of a famous or
influential Black person (or even a not so famous one) using symbols, text and
imagery to create a work of art that presents a more positive future view of
Black History. One that is inclusive and representative of all.


Since 2020, Fatuma has been
collaborating with the OCSB Art Incentive Program as an independent art
instructor, aiming to bring art education into schools. Together with the
schools, she carefully plans workshops that cater to the specific needs of
students in each grade. Through this partnership, Fatuma is able to provide
valuable art education and foster creativity within the school community.