''When I see you, I see ART''

Korlu Soriba who goes by the Pen name Fatuma Kou is a multifaceted artist that is known for her generosity and compassion. 

Born in Liberia, and raised in Canada. She draws inspiration from both connections, to her African heritage and Canadian home. 
Her passion is to encourage each and everyone of us to embrace the beauty of story telling, diversity and our own uniqueness.

Every craft that she makes holds a deep meaning and tells many stories that resonate on an individual level with her audience. 
Becoming a published writer in 2018, she held her first book signing a year later in 2019. She continues to shock her fans with her creativity and talents with every new creation.

Her credo is that we each have a gift and our souls are uniquely crafted to make the world a better and more inclusive space for everyone.  So when you meet her, feel warm inside, if she uses one of her personal favourite expressions; “When I see you, I see ART"-Fatu

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