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Fatuma Kou, an artist based in Ottawa, is known for her expertise in various fields such as Art, Yoga, Children's Literacy, and Fashion. Having been born in Liberia and raised in Canada, she draws inspiration from her African heritage and Canadian upbringing. Her main goal is to inspire individuals to embrace the beauty of storytelling, diversity, and their own uniqueness. Each of her crafts holds deep meaning and tells stories that resonate with her audience on a personal level.

Fatuma is dedicated to giving back to her community and spends a significant amount of time at her local shelter. She completed her undergraduate degree in International Development and Globalization in 2015 and worked as a social service worker and literacy coordinator in her community until 2020.

In 2018, she published her first children's book and held her first book signing in 2019.

Fatuma continues to impress and inspire her peers with her creativity and talents through every new creation. She firmly believes that each person has a gift and that our souls are uniquely crafted to make the world a better and more inclusive place for everyone. Art is Fatuma's way of expressing herself and highlighting the beauty of tradition and diversity.
So, when you meet her, you'll feel a sense of warmth, as she often says, "When I see you, I see ART" - Fatu.