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Book signing events


Driven by a passion for
children's literacy and the need for representation, Fatuma began writing
children's books to inspire young brown children to see themselves in
literature. Growing up, she lacked authors who looked like her, and she
understands the significance of representation. Feedback from parents about
their children relating to the characters in her books brings her joy, as it
signifies the power of representation.


Her first book, "Where Mom
Is From," aims to help children raised in the western world understand
diversity and celebrate differences. It encourages readers to learn about their
families and roots, promoting togetherness, friendship, and love. This book
emphasizes the importance of family ties and cultural awareness, providing
marginalized children and those from various cultures with the validation that
their dreams are valid and they are capable of achieving anything.


Inspired by her niece's
experiences of bullying and feeling inadequate, Fatuma wrote her second book,
"I Am." Understanding that self-esteem is built at a young age, she
believes in instilling positive affirmations in children. This book encourages
each child to embrace their uniqueness and emphasizes that they are talented
and beautiful just as they are, regardless of their background.


One of Fatuma's favorite aspects
of being an author is meeting young minds at book signings and engaging with
their curiosity about the stories they share. She considers it an honor and a
blessing to be a positive influence on the future generation. Her books promote
togetherness, friendship, and love, while highlighting the importance of family
ties, diversity, inclusion, and cultural awareness.


Fatuma's books inspire children
to embrace themselves fully and emphasize the significance of inclusion,
diversity, cultural awareness, and representation. She believes that
representation matters because when children can see themselves in literature,
they can believe in their own potential.